"How it once begun is hard for me to exactly explain. Probably my interest of horses came when I was a little boy and helping my uncle with his carthorses. I remember I liked their strength, robust and cooperativeness.
Of course the trotters of today is different to the old kind of carthorses, but they fascinate me in the same way. That I could be a part of building a farm of Brolines size, I never could dreamed about.
- Bruno Janstorp, The founder of Broline.

Bruno Janstorp,
The founder of Broline.

1974 the Brokvarn (later named Broline) farm was founded by industrial leader Bruno Janstorp. It started with a single owned horse at Halmstad racetrack and become one of Swedens largest and most successful farms. In the first crop there was Active Bowler, swedish recordholder and winner of Svensk uppfödningslöpning, Travkriteriet and second in Svenskt Travderby. Later Active Bowler was a breeding stallion. Since then a lot of trotting stars has raised from Broline:
Dior Broline, winner of Kungapokalen. Dalene Broline, winner of DN:s vinterfavorit, Guldstoet, Gran Premio della Vittoria and Preis der Stadt Wien. Evita Broline, was one of the best fillies and trotted in 1.12,4 with eranings of 2,4 millions in the early eighties. She won Gran Premio Orsi Mangelli, Gran Premio della Sierra, Grosse Preis von Bayern, Gran Premio Renzo Orlandi, Jarlsberg Grand Prix, qualificationwinner of Elitloppet and second in Lotterialöpningen and the final of Elitloppet! Falcon Broline was one of the crop leaders. The broodmare Noble Annie is the dam of Active Bowler, Falcon Broline and also the millionaire Hifi Broline.
From the pedigree in the USA Geraldine Broline was born. She won Merrie Annabelle Stakes and $255.000 in 1983. She trotted in 1.13,7 as a 2-year-old. Harmony Broline won qualification of Merrie Annabelle Stakes and trotted 1.13,9 as 2. Geraldine Brolines dam Flying Princess, Flashy Lady and Harmony Broline was the dams behind a lot of Brolines success at the racetracks. Invit Broline born in the states earned almost a million crowns. Also the swedishborn Idol Broline. J.R.Broline is one of Brolines great pedigrees with 5 millions and a stallion. The double millionaire Khamsin Broline and millionaire Kevin Broline. USA-born millionaire King of Broline. The strong millionaires Leo Broline and Leroy Broline. Derby of fillies-winner Note Broline and also second in Grand Prix de l'UET (Europe Derby) and Stochampionatet with earnings of 2,7 millions. Oriolo Broline and the young star Opus Broline who won qualification and the final of Stora Treåringspriset. Strong millionaires President Broline and Pegasus Broline. Millionaires Quebec Broline, Regent Broline and Schack Broline. 750.000-winner Titan Broline. Millionaires and very fast Umbrella Broline and strong Ufo Broline. Very nice Vendetta Broline, Verdi Broline strong V75-winner Victory Broline, fast V75-trotter Ville Broline and Alf Broline. Millionaires, the Breeders Crown semifinal winner Black Giant and both short(1640) and long(2140) E3-revenge winner Bronx Broline. Promissing Crocodile Broline.

20 millionaires are born at Broline during the last 30 years.

In 2000 Broline was rebuild with a new owner, Sune Svedberg, as also is the founder and owner of Svedbergs Bathroom-Production (
A great new restoration was made. Investments in establishment, broodmares and stallions. In the first crop named with letter D there was 11 Broline-foals. Among them Diamant Broline and Dream Broline is promising. In the E-crop it was born 16 trotters. Several good broodmares purchased to rebuild a pedigree of highest class. Now we havw 29 highclassed broodmares hera at Broline. 22 foals was born in 2002 belonging to the F-crop with sires like Pine Chip, Juliano Star born of our own broodmares.
Pine Chip
was purchased in 2001 by Broline and others and Pine Chips home will be Broine. Broline is also behind the owner constallation of Juliano Star as a partner. The new Broline will be seen at racetracks. Both as our own pedigree as Brolines and fillies and colts of Pine Chip.